Eliminate self-sabotage

Do you know that all self sabotaging habits/behaviors are pre-programmed deep in the subconscious mind by old negative memories from your early life that remain very much alive within you? Do you know that such memories are responsible for all the negative thoughts, feelings and perceptions about yourself, others and the world around you that severely distort your connection to reality and most importantly hijack your conscious mind and the seat of your power, your freewill to make self directed choices, away from you? Do you know that unless you are able to somehow de-activate those memories and the self destructive programs they drive you will remain permanently enslaved to them for the rest of your life? Finally, do you know that the only effective way to de-activate those memories is to delete them once and for all? Want to learn more about why this is now possible?

To help make this more clear let's take a simple but common example.

Let's say a person was rejected at some point in their lives by a significant other, say a parent or a lover. The negative memory of the event invariably becomes stored within the mind and over time gets buried under many layers of other memories from their life history.

The memory in question therefore is driven "underground" or into the subconscious mind i.e. it ceases to be a constant and ever present theme in their consciousness as they attempt to move on with their life. The memory however doesn't simply diminish in its significance or its effect on the person's life.

Instead it generates, and serves as the "evidence" for, negative self beliefs such as: I'm unlovable, I'm inadequate, I'm unattractive, I'm a loser, I'm a failure, and so on. Such beliefs regularly surface into the conscious mind, attempt to influence the individual's identity or self image and are the main driving force behind much of the self destructive behaviours one enacts.

These beliefs, or thoughts, seem to come out of nowhere thus leaving the individual feeling, out of control, vulnerable and like they are the "truth" about who and what the person represents. Sadly, these beliefs/thoughts actually only come from the memory and do not in any way reflect who the individual is and what they are capable of.

Another way of saying this is that the memories create "hypnotic-like" suggestions that send the individual into a trance like state that severely incapacitates them, often for life.

These "suggestions" can however be de-activated simply by erasing/deleting their source i.e. the negative emotions from memory which they are generated once and for all. When this is done in an effective manner it is much like closing down an old computer file from the operational memory of a computer; it is gone forever with no trace and no further negative effects.

The individual experiences a number of things when this happens; they begin to become more conscious/awake, achieve greater clarity of who they truly are and what they are capable of, they reclaim full control of their freewill choices thus progressively extinguishing old self destructive/ self sabotaging patterns, experience a great surge in self confidence, inner peace, empowerment, and resilience and much more.

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I would encourage anyone and everyone to try the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution for themselves, or buy any of the other Solutions available. The Clap, Execute It, Merge, and Hop’po processes are valuable, but they’re only tools to help you attain specific goals. It’s developing a map toward those goals that can be really difficult. Without help, we can and often will leave ourselves loopholes and blind spots so we may continue unhelpful but familiar patterns. But that’s why the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution is so valuable. The map is already laid out, a comprehensive digest of all the things anyone needs to do to remove the most common sabotages, like procrastination, from their lives. I would recommend this Solution for anyone, whether they have a lot of experience with this sort of self-healing or none at all, whether they would consider themselves already successful or are certain that no one and nothing can help them. Try this Solution, or buy one of the others if they seem more specific to your current problems. There’s a lot of help available to you, if you just step up to accept it. I promise you won’t regret it.
The Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution has been life-changing for me. I’ve been managing anxiety and depression with supplements and therapy for years. In the past, one conflict or surprise in a day could cripple my ability to function. Some days it was all I could do to get out of bed, and I procrastinated constantly because trying to do anything was simply too exhausting. I’ve done a lot of things to mitigate these tendencies, but it wasn’t until I tried the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution that I really felt like I had control over how I reacted to the events in my life. I started using the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution two days before a major trip. The first day I read the Clap, Execute It, Merge, and Hop’po processes, then moved on to the Self-Sabotage Solution itself. When I came to the first command to “Execute It”, I decided to let that process run while I did chores. About an hour later, for no external reason, I started smiling. I suddenly found myself so full of joy and well-being that I had to laugh. That was the programmed signal to smile written into the Execute It process to signal completion. I knew that my first process had finished, and it was time to go on to the next. I felt incredible! I proceeded on with each instruction in the same way until the end. The next day I read the Solution again straight through, confident that my subconscious would run each process in turn, without the need to pause. Each day since I’ve simply referenced the Solution in my head and requested that my subconscious run the proper sequence of processes as I go about my normal errands. I admit I was dubious. The website talks pretty big. But this Solution is working for me. My life didn’t suddenly became uncomplicated. I was almost immediately presented with challenges that could have shut me down entirely and ruined a trip I’d been looking forward to for months. Before I tried the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution, they absolutely would have. But because I had ceased to sabotage myself by getting stuck in negative emotions and thought patterns, each time I felt myself start to become angry or anxious, hostile or judgmental, I was able to stop myself. Every time I started to feel overwhelmed and like I needed to hide and procrastinate, I was able to take a deep breath and move forward instead. I can now use my tools, including the Master’s Solutions processes, to pull myself back and insist on a different experience. My trip was amazing, and since then I’ve been able to accomplish more without the kind of anxiety driven procrastination that once paralyzed me. I’m certain I’ve been able to do all of that because the Eliminating Self-Sabotage Master’s Solution has helped me stop living in negativity and has given me control over my own reactions. I’m no longer sabotaging myself by becoming stuck in unhelpful judgments and de-energizing emotions. I can’t wait to see what else is possible for me after this! -- Sammy D.


When I first heard about that theory I found it weird, but now I fully agree with the concept


I've, always, subscribed to the belief that "age" refers only to chronological age and that "youth" applies to a state of mind. Consequently, I'm a kid in an old(er) container. Despite my numerical age, I look 10-15 years younger than some of my peers and, most of the time, I have the energy of someone half my age. Thank you for Master’s Solutions

Rabbi Dr.

My depression is over. I start to feel joy now.